Services Financial Advisory Service
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • M&A refer to the combining of company/companies to aid the future growth of the acquiring company without having to reinvent itself. Our innovative and effective approach in M&A has helped many clients to overcome difficult times in the face of fast changing business landscape. AIRA and its subsidiaries take great pride in its long and distinguished track records in serving our clients in this area.

    Pre and Post Merger and Acquisition
    • Asset / Company Valuation
    • Leverage Buyout
    • Joint Venture
    • Spin offs
  • Capital Restructuring
  • The Capital restructure decision is exercised when the firm has to choose the way out among many alternatives for increasing its firm value. Because the number of instruments is so large, the variations in capital structure are endless. We simplify the analysis and advice to our clients by considering only a common way out with a friendly user instrument.
    • Debt Restructuring & Rehabilitation
    • Fund Raising
    • Financial Advisor for Initial Public Offering (IPO) / Public Offering (PO) / Private Placement (PP)
    • Financial Instruments (Derivatives, Hybrids, High Yield Debt and other Structured Products)
    • Securitization
    • Asset & Liabilities Management
  • Other Financial Advisory
  • The scope of financial advisory service covers all financial business reform. We provided full range of financial advisor service to meet our client satisfaction as follows:
    • Project Feasibility Studies
    • Business Plan
    • Shares Valuation
    • Due Diligence
    • Set up and review Account & Financial System
    • Corporate Turnaround
    • Tax Advice & Planning
    • Training
    • Cash Monitoring & Facilities agent
    • Independent Financial Advisor to listed companies in accordance with SET and SEC
    • Tender Offer
  • Underwriting
  • We provide services as a lead underwriter, sub-underwriter and selling agent both equity, fix-income and debt instruments etc. Our services purpose to customize each client’s preference. We enable to change our products appearance or features for suiting your tastes or needs.
    • Initial Public Offering
    • Public Offering
    • Private Placement
    • Debentures / Debt Instruments
    • Structured Products and Derivatives

    In each of our undertaking, we also take into consideration of legal and tax implications.