About Private Wealth
AIRA Wealth Management
The objective of AIRA Wealth Management is to help clients achieve their financial goals through prudent advisory. Apart from global equity and bonds, our qualified investment advisors can also provide advice on non-traditional investment products such as commodities, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), structured notes and other alternative investment classes.

Being a truly independent advisor, we only use the services of top financial institutions to facilitate transactions for clients. Furthermore, our clients can benefit from our in-house research that delivers trading opportunities and investment ideas on local equities and fixed income markets. We will update clients on the development of new investment products and advise them on asset allocation decisions.
Private Fund Management
The Private Fund Management team acts as a fiduciary on behalf of clients inmanaging the clients’ assets. All client resources are managed in a coordinatedmanner and in consideration of the client’s target return, risk tolerance, time horizon, overall net worth and income generation capacity. Our strategy includes diversifying client assets among various asset classes andmitigating different types of risk in order to achieve the desired return objective.

The implementation of our investment strategy is based on a disciplined processutilizing various investment approaches, varied asset allocation, as well asadhering to sound money management techniques in order to reach the clients’ long term goals.

By applying these techniques, our Private Fund Management strives to achieve areasonable rate of return for our clients while at the same time trying to mitigate the downside risk.